The Vallelunga qualifying practices on Saturday

First race of the 2010 Campionato Italiano Velocità will be disputed on Sunday on the Piero Taruffi circuit of Vallelunga. The free practices have already been disputed, whilst on Saturday the qualifying of the 5 categories will get underway: 125 Gp, Stock 600, Stock 1000, Supersport and Superbike. 

125GP – Defending champion Riccardo Moretti moved into the World Championship, so that at Vallelunga the battle for the succession will take place. The two Junior Gp Racing Dream fellows, Armando Pontone and Alessandro Tonucci (Aprilia), were among the most competitive in the free practices. Among the 23 accredited riders, there is the 125 Sp winner Giovanni Bonati (Aprilia), whilst Czech Popov, Japanese Gondo and Hungarian Sebestyen are a symbol of the internationality of the championship. We will have to keep tabs on Romans Morciano and Stirpe, the Vallelunga home riders.

STOCK 600 – In the stock 600 there will be 43 challengers, with Dunlop as single tyre supplier. Fans will see lot of known faces (Gregorini, Zanetti, Busiello, Lorenzetti and Fanelli) as well as promising debutants. Romans home heroes Fabio Massei (Yamaha) and Federico Biaggi (Yamaha) will battle it out for the victory, but despite it, it is very hard making a forecast for this category. The 600 Stock competitors are young, aggressive, and unpredictable. Leandro Mercado (Kawasaki) pushes hard and is considered a promising rider in Argentina. Anyhow, it is better to keep an eye even on Colombian Velasco.

STOCK 1000 – The great novelty of this category is Pirelli as single tyre supplier. 2009 champion Stefano Cruciani moved into the Superbike, so in many will look forward clinching the title. Ivan Goi (Aprilia), Matteo Baiocco (Kawasaki), Lorenzo Alfonsi (Honda) and Marco Bussolotti (Honda) stood out from the others but even Danilo Dell’Omo (Suzuki) and Riccardo Della Ceca (Yamaha) drew attention to themselves. The foreigners riders are Australian Russel Holland (KTM), Swiss Gabriel Berclaz (Honda) and Brazilian Danilo Andric Silva (Honda).

SUPERSPORT – The Supersport title held by Michele Pirro (now challenging in the World Championship) will be chased by 32 challengers. Apart from home rider Ilario Dionisi (Honda), even veterans Migliorati, Velini, Giansanti, Lai, Vizziello, Clementi and Giugovaz will get to the track and will have to pay attention to debutant Ferruccio Lamborghini (on Yamaha). Paola Cazzola (Honda) and Alessia Polita (Yamaha), the only two women disputing the CIV, will challenge in this class. French man Florian Marino, protagonist of the Europen Stock 600, will chase glory in Italy as well and will be joined by Russians Pozdeneev, Yurchenko and Blokhin (Yamaha) and by the Swiss Damien Berclaz (Yamaha).       

SUPERBIKE – Roman rider Norino Brignola (Honda) will be the only defending champion, who will get to the track to battle it out to preserve the title. The 37-year-old will have to defend himself from Danilo Petrucci (Kawasaki) and Federico Sandi’s (Aprilia) assaults as well as those of experienced competitors such as Fabrizio Pellizzon (Aprilia), Alessandro Polita (Ducati), Marco Borciani (Ducati), Lorenzo Mauri (Ducati) and Stock 1000 Italian champion Stefano Cruciani (Ducati), in the Superbike since this year. It is better to keep the eyes open because even Flavio Gentile (Ducati) and Simone Saltarelli (Suzuki) are two worthy riders.

TV, INTERNET,TIME TABLES AND PRICES – The Vallelunga races will be live broadcasted free on sat on Sportitalia 2 (Superbike, 125 Gp and 600) and Nuvolari (Stock 600 and Stock 1000). News, live results, exclusive interviews, photos and videos of the challenge will be available on the website Free entrance on Saturday, whilst Sunday’s ticket will cost € 20 including the paddock access (reduced ticket to € 15 for FMI card holders, people under 18 and women, free entrance for children under 14). Free entrance for all the new FMI members belonging to the Motoclubs of Rome and Rome district. The qualifying will kick off at 9am with the 125 Gp. On Sunday, after the warm up, the races will get underway: the Yamaha R6 e R1 Cup from 10.55am, the Superbike at 2pm, followed by the 125 Gp, Supersport, Stock 600 and Stock 1000.

PADDOCK – Among Saturday’s appointments, hosted in the new CIV hospitality, there is the autographs session (with riders giving out gadgets to the audience) and the Pole Positions prizegivings with a background of music played by Radio Globo. The other protagonists of the Vallelunga paddock will be the professional table football players from the International Champion Cup, as the Campionato Italiano Amatori will be disputed. Lot of fun is granted courtesy of the combined standings, including table football players and CIV riders, with a lot of rich prizes.