Stock 600: who will win between 42 riders?

As has become tradition of the category reserved for young riders, this year the Stock 600 has recorded full enrollment: 42 riders will be able to play for the coveted title of the smallest of the series and derived classes for a large groupstart with the underdogs. It’s formed by the rider from Campania Riccardo Russo (Yamaha- Team Italia Trasimeno), by Nicola Morrentino (Yamaha – Elle2Ciatti), Francesco Cocco (Yamaha – Team Pata by Martini) Franco Morbidelli(Yamaha – RCGM), Federico Monti (Suzuki – Boselli Races) and Luca Vitali (Yamaha – Team Italia Trasimeno). The six were major protagonists of the 2011 season won by Dino Lombardi (ascended to the world as usual for the best rider of CIV) and this year will try to center the enterprise. Other riders to watch, Daniele Beretta Prorace with Yamaha Racing Team and the 2011 Coppa Italia 4T winner, Luca Oppedisano (Kawasaki).