MV Racing wants the CIV

After the World project with the rider Massimo Parziani now MV Racing Team confirming participation in the Italian Championship.

The team splits into two: 2 structures separated for not overloading the experts, one in the World Cup and’ in other CIV with other riders riding the Kawasaki Ninja 600cc. The young Mauro Schivalocchi will be the Team Manager of the team races to the CIV, the technical director is Giorgio Mozzo, Artenio Zaltron  will be the director of logistics and Cristiano Marocchi already “Director General” in the World Cup also will cover the post of “Marketing” in the national championship.

There are 3 pilots of the team of Trent:

– Mantia Alessandro, born in 1980, residing in Mandello del Lario (Lecco) will be in the Supersport class. He has an interesting resume:
   Year 2006 – Power Up Championship – 1 st place overall
   Year 2007 – Italian Amateur trophy – Voted # 1 rookie, 3 first classified
   Year 2008 – R6 Santander cup – 17 th place santander – 6 th place gold cup
   Year 2009 – Motoestate trophy – 12 th overall
   Year 2010 – Ninja trophy – 2nd place under 30 and ranked 7 overall
   Year 2011 – Ninja trophy – 5 th place overall

– Luke Tosetto, born 1992, lives in the Cittadella (Padova), in the class Superstock 600

– Benito Tarantino, class of 1993, resident of San Nicola (Cosenza), in the class Superstock 600.

Mauro Schivalocchi (Team Manager): “I am very pleased to be able to take my drivers to compete in the national championship. We worked on motorcycles and important strides have been made to increase power and improve the ‘structure of the Ninja 600, in particular the version Supersport of Mantia which must comply with a regulation less restrictive than Superstock. I believe that the technical capabilities of the combined talent of our pilots will give us satisfaction during the season. I think we have all the credentials to do some good results soon. I wish a good job at Marocchi that already busy in the World Cup will also be present at the CIV to complete the national team with an high level work of “Marketing and Public Relations” that will make the ‘”MV Racing” as complete Team.

“Cristian Marocchi” (PR Coordinator): “The World Cup joined to the project ” Italy “in the CIV and the management of a” Motoclub ” from Trento is the fulfillment of a plan, very ambitious and effective. The Team “Racing MV” is not just a racing team that organizes competitions, but a really well-positioned reality where there are all the professionals needed to get closer, grow and achieve professionalism in the motorcycle, making use also of Executives, Managers and Consultants subject, the organization Strategic management technique, from logistics to marketing organizzaznione. Also we have made significant investments in equipment and infrastructure, the new office in Rovereto evenly divided between offices and technical area, the new Motor-Home-with hospitality area outside , by all means of support and the technical equipment identified as a result of ‘purchase of the team “Faenza Racing”, plus how many more they were required to complete the project. “