Motor Bixe Expo: focus on 250 Gp


The Motor bike expo in Verona has been an important meeting point for riders, mechanics and fans of the two-stroke bikes.

We have received many words of appreciation and encouragement from professionals such as Renato Chiarelli, president of the company Promoracing of Florence, Luca Raggi of lIdea Gomme Bridgestone and Aldo agnoi of Vircos.

It was a great Friday when Giuseppe Mainetti, known collector of GP motorbikes, has confirmed his participation in the 2012 Championship.

Many riders and ex-riders, famous and less famous, disappointed and betrayed by several Moto2 or Super Sport, have approached our beautiful bikes provided by Vincenzo BiagioliAngelo Nava andNicola Larocca. They have watched with interest our masterpieces and have asked information on how to participate to our Championship.

With great pleasure we were visited by several riders of the Italian Championship: teased by the new race calendar, particularly rich, they are interested to participate in some events.

Very touching was the visit of Luca Villa, ex-rider and Francesco Villa’s son , who has gained the desire to go back in the saddle of a GP motorbike.

Unforgettable moment when a small crowd has listened to the stories of races at the time of Sport Production 125 told by Annalisa Picariello and Angelo Nava.

Video interviews will soon be on line..