Rain did not obstacle the five races disputed today at the “Misano World Circuit” at the 2010 CIV sixth round.

SBK: POLITA IS THE NEW ITALIAN CHAMPION – The Superbike riders were the protagonists of a thrilling race under the Misano downpour. The challenger who immediately moved at the head of the pack was Alessandro Polita, lately overcome by the Althea Racing Team fellow Flavio Gentile. At mid race Danilo Petrucci (Kawasaki n. 9 – Pedercini Team) faced an unexpected slide and left the scene, whilst there was another surprise at the seventh lap as Stefano Cruciani (Ducati n. 12 – Barni Racing Team) crashed out. The latter was the closest rival of Polita in the standings but after today’s result he had to abandon the idea of battling it out for the title. Conforti (Ducati n. 24 – Barni Racing Team) was living a positive race staying in second behind Gentile and in front of Polita and Brignola when he crashed at the last corner and gave the green light to his team mate, the conqueror of the SBK Title. The winner of the round was Flavio Gentile, who put his name on the first victory reached on board the Ducati n. 40 of the Althea Racing Team.

Alessandro Polita was satisfied too, as he took the title on board the Ducati n. 53 of the Barni Racing Team. “My start was great but maybe I didn’t manage well my advantage as Flavio recovered – said Polita – we worked a lot on the set up to use in dry conditions and just a little bit on the one to use on wet track that’s why I had some problems at mid race. I was already thinking about Mugello when Luca gave me that big present. I want to say thanks to the Team for the support, to the sponsors and to all the people by my side”. Norino Brignola was third on board the Honda n. 1 of the Nuova M2 Racing Team and today he redeemed a season featured by a lot of up and down moments.

Standings  http://civ.perugiatiming.com/risultati/default.asp?p_Anno=2010&p_Manifestazione=5 


THE OTHER RACES – In the Supersport Gianluca Vizziello (Honda n. 45 Velmotor 2000 Team) clinched the success by taking advantage of the off-color races lived by title rivals and home riders Lamborghini and Tamburini, who respectively slipped and took the chequered flag in eighth. Today’s second classified was astonishing Alessio Velini (Yamaha n. 5 – Velini Racing Team), whilst the third spot went to Giuseppe Barone (Yamaha n. 131).

The 125 Gp was won by Francesco Mauriello (Aprilia n. 43 – Matteoni Racing Team), who benefited by the unlucky race of Championship leader Popov and moved to the head of the standings. Behind him there were Davide Stirpe (Honda n. 63 – CRP Racing Team) and Japanese Hiroki Ono (Rumi n. 76 – Rumi 125 GP Team).

Lorenzo Zanetti (Yamaha n. 8 – TNT Racing Team) disputed the Stock 600 race and collected important points for the Championship standings, whilst leader Fabio Massei was just eighth. Davide Fanelli (Honda n. 127 – All Service System by QDP) classified in second and surprising Pietro Maglioni (Yamaha n. 111 – 851 Racing Team) ended in third.

In the Stock 1000 contest five riders starred and ruled the challenge. The victory went to Domenico Colucci (Ducati n. 89 – Barni Racing Team), who finished in front of Andrea Boscoscuro (Honda n. 37 – All Service System by QDP) and Danilo Dell’Omo (Suzuki n. 9 – Suriano Racing Team).

Standings http://www.civ.tv/circuito.asp?s=2010&a=1&c=1 


ON TV – During the week Sportitalia 2 (channel 226 Sky, DT and live streaming) will transmit the delayed Stock challenge races on Tuesday at 5:00pm and on Wednesday at 00am Nuvolari (channel 218 Sky and DT) will broadcast the delayed challenges of the 125 Gp, Superbike and Supersport. Moto TV (channel 237 Sky) will transmit all the races on Tuesday at 7:00pm. Raisport 1 (DT, channel 227 bouquet Sky, bouquet Tivu Sat and live streaming) will broadcast today’s highlights on Tuesday at 9:45pm.