Imola, CIV: Corradi and Velini, attention to Goi

The favorite for the stage victory Stock 1000, following the outcome of the Mugello, will certainly Alessio Corradi. The Parma rider, Guastalla born but raised in Langhirano, has proven to be returned to high levels of riding the Aprilia Nuova M2 Racing Imola exit of the pits with all eyes fixed on him opponents. “Max Checa” or “Carlos Biaggi” (as is now known as the paddock to have adopted the style number 3 by Corsaro bottom and worn the helmet of Ducati champion) has a good feeling with the track at Imola, because in World Supersport right here in 2003 touched a benefit from the podium with Yamaha Team Italia. Podium that he managed to hit two years later, again at Imola and again in World Supersport, but the Ducati Team Selmat. With its experience and achievements of the world, Alessio tries to exploit its potential and to extend the RSV4 in the overall standings ahead of the competition: to make the difficult weekend we will try the Umbrian Velini Alessio, excellent second at Mugello with Team BMW prepared from 2R Antonellini by Bargy but especially the rider by Mantova, Ivan Goi. The former Italian champion class, riding the Ducati Team Barni, the good will from his third place in Mugello but especially the experience: it is the only one of the top riders of the tricolor Stock 1000 for taking part in CIV race during the last round at Imola in 2006, came fourth with Suzuki at the back of Corti, Scassa and Pratichizzo, which characterized the podium.
Among the riders in the odor of result, Sunday, attention to the rider from Marche, Simone Saltarelli (Ducati – Team Barni) who try to hit what he has only touched at Mugello, which is the podium with fourth place. Result also touched by Fabrizio Perotti (BMW – Play Racing) to premature wear of the tyre that did not allow him to fight to the end with Goi and Saltarelli. To follow the race of Federico Dittadi (Aprilia – Team Riviera), also entered the world stage last weekend and the former Italian champion Roberto Lacalendola (Ducati) and Lorenzo Alfonsi (BMW – Play Racing).