Friday the Workshop FMI 2012: focus on young

In Monza the Workshop FMI 2012: focus on young

As has become customary in recent seasons, returns to Monza, on the occasion of the Dellorto round 3 of the CIV 2012, the appointment with the FMI Workshop dedicated to media and businesses.

This year’s conference, scheduled for Friday, April 27th at 10:30 in Press Room of the Autodromo, focuses its attention to the basic motion of the two wheels, as so eloquently certifies the title chosen for the occasion: “The Motorcycle youth as social responsibility projects, investments, ideas for a better future. “

Four themes on which the discussion will be divided:

1. The social responsibility of the IMF for youth sports activities

2. The universities, schools and institutions at the service of young people

3. Young people and the companies of the sector

4. Young people and companies outside the sector

Over the next few days we will provide updates on participants and program of the day, but already now you can contact for more information Daniela Taschini:

daniela.taschini @
tel. 06 32.488.613
fax 06 32488640