FantaCIV: results after Mugello first round

Great success for FantaCIV, the new game of the 2012 season dedicated to all fans of motorcycle racing and betting. Over 200 people have put forward all their powers, also relying on luck and statistics, during the first round of Mugello: to do better than anyone, under predictions, was Marco Netralli that thanks to 89 points and a great play has won a t-shirt and the official book of the CIV. Second and third place, in order, for Claudio Dottorini (87 points) and Jacopo Daveri (89 points) which will be the t-shirt of the championship tricolor. Album CIV 2011, however ,for Alessandro Giangrandi and Stefano Netralli (81 points) fourth and fifth in the standings. All five will be entitled to a pass for the race at Imola and CIV will be contacted by phone the next day.
It ‘s already possible to play the next round, scheduled in two weeks at Imola.