CIV 2012: here is a physio center for riders

The debut is started at the Imola test but will be officially operational from the first round of Mugello. We are talking about the CIVPhysioMedCenter: made by Formia Soccorso will offer special rates an innovative physiotherapy service to riders in the Championship and Coppa Italia.

Will be set up inside a moving vehicle from 120 square meters in the paddock for all days of competition. Offering all the comforts and facilities of the latest generation, was created to meet the needs of riders.
It has reception area, an information desk / office and a waiting area, in addition to the treatment area that has 3 positions for manual therapy (also decontracting and massage therapy, pompages, lymphatic drainage), 3 fo relectro-therapy (among others, TECAR therapy, laser therapy, electrostimulation and magnetic) and one for medical consultations and treatments (mesotherapy and infiltration), where the riders will be followed withs crupulous thoroughness not only traumatic event (at which we will try to best solve the problem) but in all its processes.
The crucial pre-and post-race, in order to help the pilot in improving their performance. Physical therapists, all highly skilled in sports, will be available to riders, making the track all their skills to meet the specific needs of each. The presence of sports medicine rationed FMI also will ensure the proper management of clinical physiotherapy.